Bethel World Outreach Church


90 Day Tithing Challenge: Week 13

Can you believe the 90 Day Tithing Challenge is already complete? I’m so honored you chose to take this journey, and I trust it has blessed you to be a part of it.

Of course, God’s Word doesn’t share that we are to trust Him for only 90 days. We are to trust Him all of our days. I trust that this challenge has equipped and empowered you to know that you can never out-give God.

One way that many people ensure they always put God first in their finances is by automating their giving. In the same way that we automate our investments, savings, and bill payments, we can ensure that our giving always happens by establishing online, automatically recurring gifts.

To set up automatic recurring gifts, select the button below. (It takes less than five minutes!) GIVE

Great days are ahead because of your investment in God’s Kingdom through our church!


Thank you!








James Lowe

Senior Pastor