Bethel Equip


BSD Online Summer Group

This online only course runs from May 3rd through June 28th.
Registration is now closed.

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Be1 Discipleship Training

Be1 Discipleship Training is comprised of three short classes which will help you learn how to share your faith, help someone follow Jesus, and start a Life Group.

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Bethel School of Discipleship

Bethel School of Discipleship is a two-year program of courses in discipleship and biblical studies which will strengthen your faith and equip you to make disciples.

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2020-revised-bli.png Bethel Leadership Institute

Bethel Leadership Institute is a two-year program of Every Nation's Leadership 215 courses in biblical and theological studies which will establish your theological foundations and prepare you for greater spiritual leadership.

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2020-revised-pmd.png Pastors & Ministers Development

Pastors & Ministers Development consists of seminars and courses in a variety of topics which supplement Be1, BSD, and BLI to help you minister effectively.

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