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Bethel Leadership Institute

bli2019-logo.png A Two Year Program for a Lifetime of Serving

Bethel Leadership Institute (BLI) is a two year program designed to prepare disciples for a lifetime of service in ministry leadership. BLI consists of biblical and theological courses, and aims at developing practical ministry competence.

Applicants are required to go through an admissions process.

BLI Admissions Application


Moodle is our state of the art online education software platform used to house and deliver all of our course content for BLI. You can access the home page of our Moodle website by clicking the link below.

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Dates & Times

There are two 16-week semesters per program year. Each 16-week semester will consist of two 8-week periods. Two courses are taught during each 8-week period.

Classes meet Tuesdays, 6:30PM - 9:30PM, at Bethel Brentwood. In addition, there will be approximately 4 hours of homework per week.

Year 1

1st Semester — August 7, 2018 through November 20, 2018
2nd Semester — January 22, 2019 through May 7, 2019

Year 2

1st Semester — August 6, 2019 through November 19, 2019
2nd Semester — January 21, 2020 through May 5, 2020

Overview of Courses

Year 1

7 Leadership 215 courses + 1 additional course

Year 2

5 Leadership 215 courses + 1 personal leadership development course with an advisor + 1 additional course.

Note: Twelve of the sixteen courses consist of Every Nation’s Leadership 215 program, which serves globally as a minimum requirement for anyone wishing to serve with ministerial credentials in Every Nation. Completion of the BLI program satisfies this requirement.

2018-2020 Courses

Fees and Expenses

Tuition: $350 per semester

Books: Students are responsible for their own book purchases.

For more information, please contact us by e-mail at .

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