90 Day Tithing Challenge: Week 8

As we continue in this Giving Challenge, I wanted to share a brief thought with you regarding a valid question nearly every follower of Jesus has asked: “Why is it so important to give to the church and God’s work first?”


The answer is found in Matthew 6:21. In this passage it states, “For where your treasure is (money), there your heart will be also.”Isn’t that truth so very good?!?!”


We can’t separate our heart from our money. Our money follows our heart and our heart follows our money.


When you give to God first, you are moving your heart to connect directly with Him. Your act of giving is a literal statement to God that you trust Him and want Him first in every area of your life – including your wallet!


I don’t know about you, but that is so encouraging to me. It fires me up!


Have a blessed week!








James Lowe

Senior Pastor