Purple Book

Life can be full of distractions. The moment we desire more stability, the words of Jesus give us the answer as he said:

For those who come to me and hear my words and put them into practice, they are like a man building a house who dug down deep and laid a foundation on the rock." Luke 6:47-48

Whether you have completed the book before or are going through it for the very first time, this book will help all believers apply God's word and help you grow in your relationship with him.

Join us for a 12-week study as we go through The Purple Book together! Wednesdays at 6 PM.

The price is set at 2 for $10. Now you have an opportunity to invite somebody as your accountability partner and do the challenge with them.

Do you want to win a $10 Starbucks Card?

Perfect, just show your finished Purple Book by the end of our challenge, and the gift card is all yours! We would like to encourage you to use that gift card to take a friend on a bible study while enjoying coffee. Go and be a disciple! Share what you learned and help somebody through their walk with God.

Experience TREMENDOUS GROWTH this summer.