Well Balanced Woman (WBW) is Bethel’s Women’s department. Our goal is to bring together the women of Bethel as sisters of one body, to promote the mission of Devotion, Diversity, and Discipleship. We are committed to the spiritual growth of every woman, and dedicated to embracing the beauty of our many ethnicities. And with each passing day we are achieving wholeness on the journey to becoming…

WELL: In mind, body and emotions…

BALANCED: Prioritizing our relationships with God, family, and work…

WOMAN: Created in the image of God with purpose, passion, and power.

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Divorce Care

April 3 2018

Connect Class Intensive

June 23 2018

Parenting Class

June 24 2018

Be1 Discipleship Training

July 1 2018

Covenant Marriage Classes

July 8 2018

Covenant Marriage Classes

July 15 2018


Connect Class

June 25, 2017

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