Bethel World Outreach Church


Financial Coaching Experience

Are you stressed from paycheck-to-paycheck living? Do you feel like you can never get ahead in your finances? Have you ever felt generosity is a luxury you can't afford? Do you have a dream you feel cannot afford to achieve?

Our Financial Coaching Experience coaches were trained by Joe Sangl and his team from I Was Broke. Now I'm Not. One-on-one financial coaching can transform a family, a church, and a community

Win With Your Money

  • Start tithing.
  • Learn how to make a budget.
  • Speak to a coach about your challenges.
  • Create a realistic plan to move toward financial freedom.

Want to Start Winning?

Take these steps to get on track.

  1. Email the Bethel Momentum team and a coach will be in touch.
  2. Download these forms.
  3. Come to your appointment ready and willing to be coached.