The Metanarrative

This course is a brief overview of the great story of God and his purpose for humanity. This story consists primarily of four major elements: God’s creation of the world and humanity; humanity’s rebellion against God; God’s unfolding plan of redemption to restore his creation; and God’s consummation of his redemptive plan.The more we understand God’s great story the more we are able to attach real meaning to our own lives. God’s story frames our own stories.

Instructor - Ps. Bruce Fidler


Week 1 - Creation & Rebellion
2019 - Metanarrative 1 - Audio
Metanarrative 1 - Student Notes

Week 2 - Abraham, Israel & the Law
Metanarrative 2 - Student Notes

Week 3 - David, Solomon, & The Prophets
Metanarrative 3 - Student Notes

Week 4 - Jesus and The Church
Metanarrative 4 - Student Notes