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Every Nation Campus Conference

The world uses shame to manipulate people into following its ways. But a Christian who has been set free from shame can live unashamed. Unashamed of their identity, but able to identify with Christ. Unashamed of their calling, willing and able to preach the Word. What would the world look like if a generation of Christians rose up and boldly declared that they are unashamed of Jesus and His Gospel? In order to reach every student on every campus, in every nation, we must live unashamed.


  • Friday, February 24th - 7 PM Door Opens - 11 PM End
  • Saturday, February 25th - 8:30 AM Door Opens - 11 PM End (breaks included)

********* VOLUNTEERS NEEDED ********
If you have a spare hour or so during Friday evening and all day Saturday, please send your info to following email

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