BSD Year 1 Summer Intensives

A Bethel School of Discipleship Program

Grow spiritually this summer by taking specific Bethel School of Discipleship courses in a single Saturday! There are no pre-requisites to take a course. Simply register online through the link beow.

Schedule of Courses and Dates

  1. June 9th - Personal Transformation

    Receive training on biblical principles that help produce God-honoring transformation in a believer's life and how to practically apply them.

    • Session 1 - Conversion: Dead to Self & Alive to God
    • Session 2 - Hatred for Sin & Transformation of the Mind
    • Session 3 - Roots & Change
    • Session 4 - Restoring Relational Damage
  2. June 23rd - Life of Faith

    Receive training on faith from various biblical perspectives: salvation by faith; the gift of faith; the fruit of faith.

    • Session 1 - Foundation of Faith
    • Session 2 - The Need for Faith
    • Session 3 - Miraculous Faith
    • Session 4 - Faith-fullness
  3. July 14th - Spiritual Disciplines

    Explore the reasons, benefits and practice of spiritual disciplines in your life. These disciplines include prayer, the Word, and worship.

    • Session 1 - Introduction
    • Session 2 - God's Word
    • Session 3 - Prayer
    • Session 4 - Lifestyle of Worship
  4. July 28th - Spiritual Gifts

    Receive an overview of various spiritual gifts and their functions and expression in the church. This will help you understand the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit.

    • Session 1 - Baptism in the Holy Spirit
    • Session 2 - Grace and Various Gifts
    • Session 3 - 1st Corinthians 12:8-10
    • Session 4 - Ministering Spiritual Gifts

  • Location: Bethel Brentwood - Upper Venue
  • Each course will be held Saturdays, 9:00a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  • There will be a one hour lunch break.
  • Lunch will not be provided on-site.
  • Child Care will not be available.
  • Register for specific courses or all of them.

Registration Fee:

  • $10 per Saturday Intensive
  • $30 total when registering for all four Saturdays
  • If you are a student, senior (60 years or older), single parent, or your spouse is already enrolled, fees will be discounted by 50%.
  • Optional: Credit can be earned for each course toward graduating from Bethel’s School of Discipleship program. Some homework and a brief test/assessment will need to be done. Details will be explained at each Saturday intensive course.

Register for BSD Intensives