Bethel School of Discipleship


Bethel School Of Discipleship is a two-year program consisting of courses in discipleship and biblical studies designed to build strong believers equipped to make disciples.

Registration is required and is now open!

New students are welcome to register and join at the beginning of any course listed below and follow the program through to completion. Graduation from Year One is a prerequisite for enrollment in Year Two.

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Important Update

Attention Students: Please adhere to the following schedule.

March 26, 2017

BSD Year One:
  • Current Course: Spiritual Disciplines
  • New Location: New Unfinished Fellowship Hall (new building)
  • Time: 12:15 PM
BSD Year Two:
  • Current Course: Old Testament Survey
  • New Location: New Unfinished Fellowship Hall (new building)
  • Time: 8:30 AM

Please check back for further updates.

Year One Courses and Start Dates

(each course length=4 weeks)
  • The Life of Faith - February 5th
  • Course Summary with Audio & Notes
  • Spiritual Disciplines - March 5th
  • Personal Transformation - April 2nd
  • Spiritual Gifts - May 7th
  • Summer Break [June 4th - July 30th]
  • Discipleship - August 6th
  • Evangelism - September 3rd
  • Servant Leadership - October 1st
  • Life Groups - November 5th

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Year Two Courses and Start Dates

(Course length varies.)
  • Interpreting the Scriptures - January 29th
  • Course Summary with Audio & Notes
  • Old Testament Survey - February 26th
  • Systematic Theology - April 9th
  • Summer Break [June 4th - July 30th]
  • New Testament Survey - August 6th
  • Church History - September 17th
  • Apologetics - October 29th

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Bethel's School of Discipleship is one of four programs offered by Bethel Equip. Bethel Equip is Bethel's discipleship and leadership development track consisting of four programs designed to develop fruitful disciples and spiritual leaders.

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